New York Times, 8 August 1962

Tiddlywink drive

Reprinted from the New York Times, 8 August 1962, page 38, column 6

Howard Gossage, president of Weiner & Gossage, Inc., of San Francisco, who recently made an important contribution to the music world (he developed the Bach and Bethoven [sic] sweat shirts), has now moved into the field of sports.  Mr. Gossage has arranged for his client, Rainier Ale, to challenge the visiting tiddlywinks team for Oxford University to a tournament.  The great event will be held in San Francisco between August 13 and 17.  According to the official itinerary of the tiddlywinks team, the “International Tournament in San Francisco will be co-sponsored by Rainier Ale and Guinness Stout, two breweries locked in desperate struggle for undisputed position of last place in the malt beverage field.”

Last week-end the British team beat an American team in a contest in a restaurant here.