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Copyrights—United States

Copyright numbers were started anew each year before 1898. Classification letters precede the number from then on. In 1978 the classification system was simplified.  There are several types of dates associated with a copyright record, depending on year of submission.  Date types include:  submission date, publication date, registration date, date of receipt of copies, date of assignation, date of renewal, and so forth.

US Game Copyrights

There are many other copyrights to be added to this list.

Number Registration
Name Author/Copyright
25257 14 Aug 1890 Directions for Playing The
American and English Game of Tiddlywinks
McLoughlin Brothers  
29417 24 Sep 1890 Tiddledy Wink Tennis—Rules
for the Game
Imeson Horsman Jr.
4418 31 Jan 1891 Tiddledy Winks Quoits Jasper H. Singer  
8482 6 Mar 1891 Directions for playing Tiddledy
Wink Ten Pins
William T. Maney  
8659 7 Mar 1891 Progressive Tiddledy Winks, Rules
and Suggestions
McLoughlin Brothers  
8736 9 Mar 1891 Book of Rules for Tiddledy Wink
Hop Scotch
H. W. Coburn  
12421 6 Apr 1891 Tiddledy Wink Croquet McLoughlin Brothers  
30492 28 Aug 1891 Tiddledy Winks & Tiddledy
Wink Tenpins
William Sowdon  
40095 9 Nov 1891 Quti-Quoits Dock D. Harr  
AA271797 10 Jun 1938 Tiddle Tennis George Schoenhut
O. Schoenhut Inc.
AA309614 24 Jul 1939 Tiddley hop George Schoenhut
O. Schoenhut Inc.
KK3169 10 Oct 1945 Tiddly winks Playtime House 9954
KK2101 4 Mar 1946 Tiddle-e-pong Duncan-Morris Co. Game
AA6436 4 Mar 1946 Tiddle-E-pong (and)
Duncan-Morris Co. Rules
KK9954 1 Nov 1946 Tiddly winks Playtime house  
KK141744 17 Dec 1958 Tiddly Winks, with winks for four
Publishing Co.
A519009 15 Jun 1961 Dennis the Menace Tiddlywinks Whitman Publishing Co.© by Hall Syndicate
KK172105 1 Mar 1963 Tiddly Winks (Walt) Disney Productions With felt pads and winks#4629
K67508 11 Mar 1963 Tiddly Winks Watkins-Strathmore Co. 4913 Target Gameboard
KK174599 11 Mar 1963 Tiddly Winks Watkins-Strathmore Co. 4913
KK178459 27 Dec 1963 Tiddly Winks for four players Whitman Publishing Co. 4402
A689752 9 Apr 1964 Tiddly Croquet Robert G. McKee Sheet
A783725 18 May 1965 Tiddly Cardwinks, a game of
skill, action and chance for family fun
E. S. Lowe Co. Inc. (see US Trademark 831,252)
KK197431 2 Sep 1966 Tiddly Winks, with plastic winks
for 2 to 4 players
Whitman Publishing Co. 4629
K101843 23 Apr 1973 Tiddly Winks Western Publishing Co. Inc. Board4748
KK242737 8 Mar 1976 Tiddly Winks Western Publishing Co. Inc. Box top, 4748
A789154 15 Sep 1976 Tiddly winks: instrucciones Western Publishing Co. Inc.  
VA52-135 3 Mar 1980 Tiddly winks Smethport Specialty Co Model #278

No copyright entries found for the following works.

1891 Directions for Progressive Tiddledy Winks. Parker Brothers.
Mar 1969 Game of Squop. Michael Crick.
1979 The Rules of Four-Color Tiddlywinks. Josef T. Sachs.

Other US Copyrights

There are numerous copyrights since 1891 for musical works, published and unpublished, with “tiddlywinks” or variant in the titles. There are several copyrights for dramatic works with “tiddlywinks” or variant in the titles. These copyrights are not listed here.

Number Registration
Name Author
or Copyright Owner
38009 23 Oct
Tiddledywink tales John Kendrick Bangs Book (see Books section)
15185 6 Apr
The Tiddledywink’s poetry book John Kendrick Bangs Book (see Books section)
35765 30 Aug
Propelling the Disc Charles Zimmerling Photograph
(Subject undetermined, but see Patents—U.S. section.)
53282 27 Dec
TIDDLEDY-WINKS Louis Prang & Co. Chromolithograph.
(See the Visual Art section.)
40434 6 Sep
Propelling the Disc Charles Zimmerling Drawing.
(Subject undetermined.)
36088 11 Jul
The Parlor Target Charles Zimmerling Print.
(Subject undetermined.)
LP23014 13 Sep
Tiddly-Winks Universal Pictures Corp. Film. One reel.Produced by Bluebird. Directed by George Summerville. Copyright renewed 1954.
R124206 13 Jan
Tiddly-Winks Universal Pictures Corp. Film. Renewal.
A3420 21 Jun
Tiddlywinks John DrummondCopyright by Brandon House. Cartoons. <o>
EU152910 19 Nov
Squidger Peter ChristieCopyright Dick James Music Ltd. Unpublished music.


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