CVG-06: Chad Valley Games – TIDLEY WINKS

Instructions for playing the Game of


Place the box in the centre of a table covered with a fairly thick cloth.  Each player selects one large “Shooter” and four of the small Counters all the same colour.  Then the players flip the small Counters into the box by pressing them sharply on the edge with the “Shooter.”  Counters score according to the numbers shown, and any Counter dropping into the Cup in the centre counts twenty points.  A Counter more on one colour than another, scores the number in which its greater area lies.

The player making the highest score is the winner.

The “Chad Valley” Games. Made at Harborne, England.


Game CVG-06
Publisher Chad Valley Games
Publisher Catalog Number 5051 (on bottom of cup)
Rules location Under box lid
Update date 19 July 1998
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