MCL-10 • McLoughlin Bros. • TIDDLEDY WINKS • rules


Rules under box lid



  1. Each player is provided with a set of Counters consisting of one large one and four small ones of the same color. The larger one is used to press the edges of the smaller ones, and make them jump into the tub which is placed in the center of the table.
  2. Each player places his small counters in a row in front of him at equal distances from the tub, and playing in term, endeavors to so jump a counter that it will fall into the tub.
  3. If a player succeeds in popping a counter into the tub, he is entitled to a second turn and so on until he fails.
  4. After the game is begun, a player must jump his counters from where they lie on the table. (If any fall off they must be replaced near the edge.)
  5. The player who first pops all his small counters into the tub, wins the game.
  6. A ring not over five inches in diameter may, if the players desire, be drawn around the tub and all counters falling in the ring outside the tub are considered out of the game.
  7. If players choose partners they can jump each other’s counters. Players must not touch a counter belonging to an opponent; hence if a counter falls so as to partially cover another, the under one cannot be played until the upper one is removed by the player to whom it belongs.

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