IBW-01 • Ives, Blakeslee, & Williams (I. B. & W.) Co. • TIDDLEDY WINKS The New Merry Round Game

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~1890s (none) 5 1/2″ 4″ 1 3/4″

Box Cover

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Sheet, one side


No. 1.


A merry, jolly, fascinating Round Table Game for from two to four players.

The large chips are called “Tiddledy.”

The small chips are called “Winks.”

The cup is called “Wink Cup.”

Arranged for any number of players up to four.

The game of “Tiddledy Winks” can be played on any table with a thick cloth on it. Place the “Wink Cup” in the center of the table; each player selecting six “Winks” (small chips) and one “Tiddledy” (large chip) all of the same color. Place all the “Winks” in a straight line from the “Wink Cup” to the player, so that when the game is ready for playing it will represent a wheel; the “Wink Cup” forming the hub, and the rows of “Winks” representing the spokes to the wheel. The “Tiddledy” (large chip) is used to press the edge of the “Wink,” and thereby cause it to jump into the cup. The player who first jumps all his “Winks” into the cup wins the game, and counts as many points as his opponents have “Winks” still remaining on the table.

A player must not touch with his “Tiddledy” any “Wink” but his own. Should a “Wink” roll off the table, it must be placed on the table again, one inch from the edge where it rolled off. When a player jumps a “Wink” into the Cup, he is entitled to keep playing until he fails, when the next player takes his turn.

If a “Wink” falls on any other “Wink,” the under “Wink” becomes a prisoner, and cannot be played again until released.

The game is subject to many variations, and will prove very interesting to the entire family circle, old and young.

* “Tiddledy Winks” should always be played on a table covered with a thick cloth.


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