Rules for SPE-07, Spear Bavaria, TIDDLEDY WINKS

Rules for SPE-07, Spear Bavaria, TIDDLEDY WINKS

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This highly amusing game, which greatly
resembles the popular game of » Chronowinks « is played in the following manner:

One person acts as » umpire « and as many
others take part in the actual game as there are different colours of counters.  The
cup is placed in the centre of the table (a round card table with a thcik cloth on is
recommended) and the players sit at equal distances from each other.

Each of the actual players takes all the
small counters of a certain colour and a large one to match.  The umpire now takes
out his watch and gives the signal to start.  Each one now tries to send as many of
his small counters as possible into the cup by pressing the edge of the same with his
large one (as in the » North Pole « game).  Counters which fall outside the cup may
be taken back and played again.  Under no circumstances is a player allowed to touch
any of his opponents’ counters.

The time, which the game is to last is to be
determined upon beforehand.  As soon as teh time is over, the umpire gives the signal
to stop.

Any player touching another counter after the
signal to stop has been given, counts one less.

The one, who has managed to send most
counters into the cup has won the game.

Printed in Bavaria.

Game SPE-07
Publisher Spear Bavaria
Publisher Catalog Number (none)
Rules location Under box lid
Update date 19 July 2009
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