Rick Tucker’s Want List for Collectible Tiddlywinks Sets

I collect antique (pre-1940) and modern tiddlywinks sets.

I’m a member of the Association of Game & Puzzle Collectors (AGPC). I also perform research on all of the tiddlywinks sets that have been produced all over the world.  Check out my Tucker Tiddlywinks Catalog.  If you have new info to add, or have a tiddlywinks set to sell, contact Rick Tucker and I’ll get right back to you.

If you do have tiddlywinks sets to sell, or you are a well-connected games dealer, feel free to use the list below as a starting point for the types of tiddlywinks sets I might be interested in buying.  I’m always interested in adding new items that I don’t have, and sometimes I’ll buy duplicate items.

The items listed below are key items on my want list.  I also buy others. When in doubt, drop me a line.

The Want List

Tucker’s want list is listed in alphabetical order by publisher.  It is not listed in any priority order.

Frederick. H. AyresSpoof Cricket1890
Chad Valley GamesMickey Mouse Tidley Winks (several varieties)1930s
Chad Valley GamesThe Great Indoor Game Scrum~1913
Cracker-Jack (Mak-A-Toy)Flick-a-Wink 
Arthur John EdwardsRaccroc1890
Joseph Assheton Fincher(any) 
Feltham & Co.Flutter1891
E. I. HorsmanLo Lo The New Parlor Croquet Game1891
E. I. HorsmanOver the Garden Fence1893
IB&W: Ives, Blakeslee, & WilliamsPharaoh's Frogs, The Great Game of Tiddledy
McLoughlin Bros.New Game of King's Quoits1893
McLoughlin Bros.Progressive Tiddledy Winks1891
McLoughlin Bros.(any) 
J. OttmannLeap Frog Tiddledy Winks
W. S. Reynolds Co.Maro1891
George ScottGolfette1889
George ScottTable Golf, or Golfette1890
Selchow & RighterFour Moon Tiddledy Winks 
Selchow & RighterJuno (hinged wooden box with red label) 1891
Selchow & RighterTable Golf 
Selchow & RighterTiddledy Winks Pool1890s
J. H. SingerTiddledy Wink Quoits© 1891
J. W. Spear & SonChronowinks1891 
J. W. Spear & SonJumpkins1891
J. W. Spear & SonThe North Pole1890, in a box with a polar bear on the cover
J. W. Spear & SonOver the Garden Wall1891
Charles Zimmerling(any) 
Zulu Mfg. Co.Monkey Business© 1928

Be sure to check out all known tiddlywinks games from the Tucker Tiddlywinks Catalog.

Are you a game publisher interested in creating a new game based on tiddlywinks?  Contact Rick Tucker.