WHI-22: Western Publishing Company – Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Flip a Chip (# 4640, English only)

Walt Disney’s
(For 2 to 4 Players)


1 playing field with 3 cups

4 playing pieces (red, yellow, blue, green)

16 small chips (4 each of red, yellow, blue, green)

4 large chips (red, yellow, blue, green)

1 die


To get all four small chips of your color into the cups.  They may be flipped into any cup or you may follow the trail to one of the cups


Each player chooses a large chip, four small chips, and a marker of the same color.  Throw the die to see which player will start.  Player with highest number is first.


First player places a small chip about 8 inches from the board.  He tries to flip it into a cup by drawing the edge of the large chip over its edge. If it lands in a cup he leaves it there.  If he misses, he places his marker on START for his trail.  If he lands in a free turn space, regardless of color, he takes another shot with his chip.

At his next turn, player either flips a chip or throws the die and moves his marker the number of spaces indicated.  If marker comes to rest on a space of matching color, player gets another shot with his chip.  If this chip lands in the cup he takes the marker back to START.  A chip may be placed in the cup by moving up the trail with your marker and then throwing the exact number to reach HOME.

When one player has four chips in cups, each player counts his chips in cups and totals his score.  High score wins.  Chips in cups on Mickey’s ears count 25 points.  Those in cup on Mickey’s nose count 50 points.

© Walt Disney Productions

Publisher Whitman (Western Publishing Company)
Title Walt Disney’s MICKEY MOUSE FLIP a CHIP
Publisher Catalog Number 4640
Rules location Under box lid
Update date 18 July 2009

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