WHI-22: Whitman Publishing Company – Tiddly Winks (# 4402)

Place all small winks at an equal distance from the cup.  Player hops a wink toward the cup by drawing the edge of a large wink over a small one.  Play goes to the left, each player hopping only one wink at a turn. If wink lands in the cup, an extra turn is allowed.  After all winks have been hopped, any outside the cup may be played.  The first player to hop all the winks of his color into the cup is the winner.  Game may also be played by giving each player 3 turns and counting the score.  High score will be the winner.

Game WHI-22
Publisher Whitman Publishing Company
Publisher Catalog Number 4402
Rules location On cardboard target fitting into box bottom
Update date 18 July 2009

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