English Tiddlywinks Association: Early Publications

Oct 1960 “The English Tiddlywinks Association”, by Peter Downes. 3 pages. Precursor to Winking World photocopy (NATwA)
1963 “Prince Philip Silver Wink Competition 1963-4”. 1 page photocopy (NATwA)
1964 ETwA E1 “Tiddlywinks Strategy”. 1 page photocopy (NATwA)
1964 ETwA E2 “Key to the Bonham Recording System”. 1 page photocopy (NATwA)
Apr 1965 ETwA E3 “The Third International Tiddlywinks Congress”. 2 pages photocopy (NATwA)
1966 “The Second Tiddlywinks Convention”. 2 pages photocopy (NATwA)
Jan 1967 ETwA E4 “International Matches 1966”. 2 pages photocopy (NATwA)