Newswink 29 – 8 December 1997

Newswink 29
Alexandria, Virginia USA · 8 December 1997 · Rick Tucker, Editor

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Three Four Five Years in the Making!
Rick Tucker

Both number theory and numerology now lead us to believe that the long hibernation of winkers and winks is now on the wane. Long-lost winkers are starting to emerge from their stations in carefully selected locales throughout the nation. American game collectors no longer snub their noses at the incomparable game of tiddlywinks. The Olympics have come and gone, and the now usual jokes of Olympian tiddlywinks continue to echo with such familiarity.

After three four five years of forced silence, Newswink now boldly emerges to recount what has been submerged in our collective instincts impatiently waiting for just this day.

And so many events have crossed our paths.

Okay, the print versions of the photos are grainy. Go web, young man (and woman). And don’t look back.

Larry Kahn has had a fling going with his (now) wife, Cathy Furlong, on the ballroom floor and otherwise. The wedding photo says it all. Winkers aplenty filled the wedding hall within earshot of Wolf Trap Farm Park in Vienna VA.

Charles Frankston and Arye Gittelman took the money and ran… to Redmond WA as Microsoft bought out CharlesView. Perhaps a winking endowment to MIT is a tax necessity now? Charles reports: “Well, we no longer have a company with enough office space to host a tournament, so I made sure to buy a house with enough space to host one. So you’re all invited here for a FFET.”

Dave and (well, let’s be precise) Déjà Lockwood have borne… oh, let me see… one kid, named Benjamin Hamilton, né 5 September 1995, since the last Newswink. We are all awaiting the debut of the all-Lockwood team.

IFTwA leadership has passed from Jon Mapley to Nick Inglis, who has taken a …

Ken Wrona reports a record in playing winks… at new depths. After he was Case Western Reserver University partner of Dick Henninge in the 1972 Continentals, he reports that as “a career Naval officer […] in 1976, the game of Tiddlywinks was played extensively on the submarine to which I was then attached. Tiddlywinks has been played submerged in the far Pacific.”

When last Newswink was afloat, had debuted as an Internet newsgroup… back in 1993. In the meantime, the web has predominated, and two major winks sites are getting a few thousand hits per year: Rick Tucker’s NATwA site at http://www.tiddlywinks.organd previously at, and in 1997 sites from Patrick Barrie and others as listed on Rick Tucker’s site and Ben Soare’s at And if you are reading this Newswink on the web you’ll find links that the print edition cannot include.  And unfortunately, is mostly spam nowadays.

Marg Calhoun, in addition to flying tiny kites™, has hosted several winking events in Cleveland, and has succumbed to foisting Brad Schaefer as the draw, drawing upon his archeo-astronomical ventures.

Jesse & Amanda at the Cleveland Invitational at the Elise Newman Gallery, 7 Oct 1995

The prominent games collectors in the nation (and abroad) heard Rick Tucker in an invited speech inform them that they have been slaves of the tiddlywinks stereotype for many years. The unfortunate side effect for Rick, now with 170 antique and modern tiddlywinks sets in his collection (as of 1995), is that the strike price for winks in this market has jumped due to his derring-do.

… sabbatical at Purdue University for 1996-97. Did I say Nick Inglis?

Winks Akimbo à la Kahn
(from MITRE newsletter, 16 Aug 1995)

Michael Crick, one of the founders of NATwA in 1966, and now a man about Microsoft, has ventured to be in touch again, a decade from our last contact. He was so kind to send copies of the London Tiddlywinks Bulletins from the early 1960s. What is past is prologue…

All the best to Rupert Thompson, who lost a leg in a motorbike accident in the Czech Republic in the Summer of 1996.

Rumor has it that 7 April 1952 is Jim Marlin’s birthday. And there’s a $50 reward for verifiable leads on Brad Schaefer’s date of birth.

And Al Moser, MIT ’75, has resurfaced at Seattle University, with a stated aim to rekindle the spirit of winks for the next millennium through a dozen highly-motivated kids.

A Mike Wegner of Texas reports: “Yes, I really did play with the Trix set in the 60s, and have been patiently waiting for them to bring them back. I was in high school in Houston, TX at the time, and it was quite a obsession with a group of us. I was on the debate team, and all of us had Trix sets. At tournaments, at school, whenever there was a break, we’d whip out the sets and start playing. I even took a set to Viet Nam in 68-69, but it was a little harder to find folks to play… :-)”

Sports Illustrated (27 Nov 1995) reported on “ahem, one of the most enduring sports rivalries in U.S. history” between Kahn and Lockwoood (alphabetical-correctness suddenly having flushed through my medulla oblongata) and including a Tucker photo from the Cleveland winks events in 1995.

In January 1997, word has it that Frank Pacheco is on the verge of gaining official recognition to form a tiddlywinks club at Harvard… the third fourth generation (1962, 1966, 1980, 1997).

Well, there’s plenty more random news winking around the world, but as it is less than 12 hours away from the close of the 1996 NATwA Singles (in 1997), I’ll declare this revived edition of Newswink closed.    Well, okay, so I’ve dallied for 11 months or so.

In this Issue

Caricatures by Frank Porath
… sketches of kvetches, 1995

Too Tired to be Tense by Sunshine
The1997 IP and Quad Squads in Ohio … in the past tense

What is Past is … Backlog, by Rick Tucker
Trundling through all the tournaments of note … and not … since 1993

WORF Rules, by Sunshine
Winks among artisans and fireworks … at the Cleveland Winx 95 Invitational

Ye Olde Perimeter Rule Debate, by Sunshine
Geometric discussions reach a new plane in winking circles … elliptically speaking.

NATwA Abolishes 3 2/3 – 3 1/3 Score, by Joe Sachs
Numerologists mourn … historically possible score is legislated away.  Brother, can you spare a random number?

World Singles XLV, by DragonDave Lockwood
Once one would wantonly wonder who won wild winks wingding.

20th Annual VFW Tiddlywinks Tourney Draws 250, by Rick Tucker
Culture shock as we uncover a winking lifestyle … in a parallel universe to our sheltered world of winkdom.

President’s Day Weekend—But Not the Continentals, by Sunshine
Yet another IP … in yet another year.

Individual Statistics, by Sunshine
Sunsch trains his bifocals on the Individuals … uncovering sinister secrets hidden for years by winks monopolists.

Seedy Seedings Mar Marvelous Match, by Dave Lockwood
It doesn’t matter if you win or lose … it’s when you play the game.