Newswink 29 – Individual Statistics, by Sunshine

The 9th IP (and 8th Kahntinentals) was held 27 March 199x in Silver Spring. Most of the usual crowd attended—4 of the DC locals, 3 Ohioans, and this Philadelphian. The match took place for once on Sunday, tho there was tennis, winking, pizza, and late night Oh Hell fun on Saturday.

The results included—No scores between 4 and 6 in any of the 14 games, a test of the sports cliché of a tie is like kissing your sibling (one game between Bob and Marg ended 3 ½ – 3 ½), Dave setting a record by finishing with the same number of wins (4) in 4 consecutive IPs, and Sunshine wearing glasses (new bifocals) for winking for the first time since 1991.

Four players set personal highs for points in an IP—Rick (best finish outside of England), Dave, Brad, and Mac (tied for 3rd with only 2 games to go!!). Three players had a shot at first going into the final round and two others had hopes for second. Sunshine and Rick were almost squopped out late in the final game but a key judgement on a pile and strong end play helped them pull out the win to lead the field and to relegate Brad and Larry to 4th and 5th. Mac led the Ohio contingent (Bob’s best results were in the Oh Hell game). Larry-Sunshine (5.19 ppg) overtook Larry-Bob as the top-rated pair in the tourney’s 10 year history (minimum of 5 games). Sunshine’s title was his second in the event, tho his first had 2 *s (one for name and one for ‘missing Larry’.) (P.S.—the glasses helped.)

Points Wins Lifetime IP ppg # matches
Sunshine 34 ½ 5 ½ 3.87 8
Rick Tucker 30 4 3.48 9
Dave Lockwood 27 4 3.68 4
Brad Schaefer 26 5 3.22 7
Larry Kahn 25 ½ 3 ½ 4.85 8
Mac McAvoy 25 3 2.65 4
Bob Henninge 17 ½ 2 ½ 3.73 9
Marg Henninge 10 ½ ½ 1.79 2