Newswink 29 – WORF Rules, by Sunshine

With the Indians safely thru to round 2 of the AL playoffs, Cleveland’s media focused (some) attention on the rather large collection of winkers that journeyed from all corners of Ohio, as well as from DC, Philadelphia, New Haven, and Toronto, to Northern Ohio. No, it was not the Carnovsky Pay-For-View but it was the Cleveland Winx 95 Invitational.

Originally billed as a Pro-Am winx event, the match structure changed to a much broader theme as 2 teams met for what was believed to be the first Romulan-Klingon match in any xxTwA’s history. A Federation of Planets rep was brought in to serve as benevolent dictator—it seemed that a simple Tournament Director role was too mild for such fierce opponents. The perimeter rule was established to protect the neutral zone. Cloaking devices were not allowed.

5 novices (novi?) and 11 older match-experienced players took part. As often as possible, a novice and an ‘old=timer’ would pair up and then find another such grouping and would then figure out which pairing represented which empire.

The Klingons quickly jumped to a 19-9 lead but by lunch time the Romulans had fought back to a 43½-40½ advantage and the artists had arrived. Once again the mighty Klingons surged for an 11 point advantage (58-47) but 3 straight Romulan wins forged a 63-63 tie. The final game ended 4-3 for the Klingons for a 67-66 margn as late Romulan shots failed. It was believed that the player who missed was seeking asylum in the Klingon home world.

The most valuable players for the Romulans were the Calhoun brothers, Nathan (15 pts) and Jesse (13), while the Klingons were led by their uncle Bob (9), mother Marg (8) and BD* (8). Most neutral were a resurfacing from Cincinnati Rich (0) and Dave (1). Amanda Crapes led all players with 7 games, Larry (who studied in Romulus) with 5 wins, and Mac & Aaron with the most hard fought 3’s (3 times against more experienced foes). 68% of the games contained relatives.

On the evening news a new squopping theory was broadcast, proclaimng the advantage of shooting at reversed ramps. The footage was both confusing and convincing. Ask Dave for details.