Newswink 29 – World Singles XLV, by DragonDave Lockwood

(submitted 17 January 1997)

The length of a streak is not defined until its end is determined. At Cambridge in November (1996), the end of my World Singles drought was determined. Yes, after 13 years and 7 losing challenges (5 to Larry (after 2 wins), 1 to Geoff Myers, and 1 to Patrick Barrie), the Dragon has regained the WS with a 26-16 win over the world’s top-ranked player, Geoff.

This was truly a battle of the generations as Dave was trying to become the oldest WS Champion while Geoff sought another oldtimer scalp. Geoff took Larry down a year ealier and was solidly ranked as Number 1 in the ratings. Dave had to be considered the underdog for this match.

The match is deceptively easy to describe. Four close games yielded a 14-14 tie, then Dave dropped two 6-1s on Geoff and it was quickly over.

Dave’s 10th WS makes him the second winker with over 10 WS career wins. Larry still leads with 14. Larry leads in total career Big 6/7 Titles with 51. The Dragon trails in second at 31. Significantly, The Dragon holds the World Singles and the World Pairs simultaneously for the first time in his career.

With his defeat of Larry, Geoff had become ony the second player to regain the WS. Dave is now the third.