Rules for Guinness Record Events

(Rules per the North American Tiddlywinks Association.   Please check with Guinness before embarking on any attempt to set or break a record. See also the English Tiddlywinks Association records page.)

Accuracy—Pot From The Line

12 small winks are to be potted from 3 feet in the minimum number of shots.

Record: 21, Larry Kahn (19??) and Dave Lockwood (1987)


24 small winks to be potted from 18 inches in the shortest time possible.

Record (1960): 39 seconds (1966, 1971): 21.8 seconds

4-Pot Relay

12 winks are placed 15 inches from the first of a row of four pots. At the word “go”, the player on number one pot squidges the winks as fast as possible into the pot. As soon as he gets one in, player no. 2 places them 15 inches from pot 2, and squidges them for his pot. So on all the way through the four pots. The object is to get as many winks as possible through all four pots in three minutes. A second set of 12 winks can only be started when all of the first 12 are in the fourth pot.

Record (1960): 36 winks; (1967, 1971): 44 winks