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Please contact Rick Tucker if you need quotes or need to arrange an interview with a prominent winker for your coverage.  Additional descriptive material and photographs can also be provided.

Permission to Republish Intellectual Property

Intellectual property of Rick Tucker that is published on this website will be authorized for republication by organizations on a single-use basis when the following considerations are acknowledged and performed in good faith by the republisher:

  • Credit for said photograph(s) or descriptive material is prominently displayed as “Source: Rick Tucker”, or similar, and that associated copyright ownership is acknowledged.
  • Payment for said use is in accordance with the standard rates and policies of the publisher and publication.  Unique, one-of-a-kind publications are subject to unique terms as indicated by and approved in writing by Rick Tucker.
  • Explicit and confirmed request is made to Rick Tucker for use of said materials in identified publications.  (It is noted, informally, that Rick Tucker will normally approve such republications upon request.)
  • Copies of printed documents that include items republished from will be delivered to Rick Tucker via a delivery channel and address supplied to publisher by Rick Tucker.
  • Links to online publication of items republished from will be sent to Rick Tucker via the contact form, email, or other medium.

Press Releases

The North American Tiddlywinks Association… at a Glance

Prior Press Coverage and Collateral

Newspaper & magazine articles on tiddlywinks

Linking to

Web links to are authorized and are encouraged.  As a courtesy, please inform Rick Tucker when such links are made.

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