North American Tiddlywinks Association

NATwA founded • 27 February 1966

Email Lists

The original email list, [email protected], was created on 17 May 1999 by Rick Tucker. Egroups was bought by Yahoo in August 2000 and hence the email list was renamed by them to be [email protected].

When Yahoo starting reducing services, the email list moved to [email protected] on 20 October 2019.

Note: ETwA, CUTwC, and others maintain their own, separate email lists.

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs)

Internet FAQs for tiddlywinks were first posted on on 14 April 1993 by Patrick Barrie.

These FAQs are now posted on

NATwA also maintains a separate FAQ.

Web Sites

International Federation of Tiddlywinks Associations

Current website:

Online since: 25 October 2017

Maintained by: Rick Tucker

English Tiddlywinks Association

Current website:

Online since: around August 2000

Maintained by: Patrick Barrie with technical assistance by Andrew Garrard

Archived website:*/ contains archived websites from 24 August 2000 to recent times


Current website:

Provides access to tournament game statistics and trends using the Tiddlywinks Ratings database

Online since: around 2015

Maintained by: Daniel Barnett

North American Tiddlywinks Association

Current website:

Online since: around 1997

Maintained by: Rick Tucker

Archived website:*/ contains archived websites from 5 December 1998 to recent times

Harvard University Tiddlywinks Society (Cambridge, Massachusetts) • (dormant)

Original website, now offline:

Archived website:

Produced by: Frank Pacheco

Cambridge University Tiddlywinks Club (Cambridge, England)

Current website:

Previous website (2001), now offline:

Archived old CUTwC websites:*/

Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society (Oxford, England)

Current website:

Original site, now offline:

Archived site:

St. Andrews Tiddlywinks Society (StATS) • (dormant)

Original site, now offline:

Archived site:

Scottish Tiddlywinks Association (ScotTwA) • (dormant)

Original site, now offline:

Archived site:

On ScotTwa publications

Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) • (dormant)

This club held tiddlywinks competitions using their own set of simple rules.

Archived site:

Personal Tiddlywinks Websites

Matt Fayers

Website at Queen Mary’s University of London:

Problems with the rules of tiddlywinks:

Andrew Garrard (The Fluppeteer)


Previous website:

Tim Hedger


Larry Kahn

Historical Geocities website:

Rick Tucker

Current website:

Original site: This site had the first Internet web pages on tiddlywinks, from around 1994.

Archived site:

Julian Wiseman

Current website:

Tournament designs:


Usenet newsgroup:

Created: 21 January 1993 at 3:42 am by Richard Taylor, requested by ETwA winker Julian D. Porter.

The early posts on contain relevant information about winks and winks events, but for quite a few years it’s been pretty much entirely spam.