North American Tiddlywinks Association

NATwA founded • 27 February 1966

By Dave Lockwood • Reprinted from The Missing Wink, November 1976 • page 5.

Rule 1. The only hard and fast rule in tiddlywinks is that there are no other hard and fast rules.

Rule 2. When in doubt, bring in a wink.

Rule 3. If your opponents give you an easy shot, take it.

Rule 4a. If you are behind, try to make one big pile because as a pile gets bigger it tends to get more fragile.

Rule 4b. If you are ahead, try to avoid making big piles which are not well protected.

Rule 5. If you are only slightly behind, pick at the edges.

Rule 6. There is NO Rule 6.

Rule 7a. Make the battle occur where you want it.

Rule 7b. Make your opponents come to you.

Rule 8. If one color of your pair is getting tied up and the other is still able to pot out, consider doing so.

Rule 9. Potting out against a superior pair may be the best thing to do.

Rule 10. You would rather not have to do something; try to keep your options open.

Rule 11. Near the end of the game try to see who will get first for you, and keep that color from getting involved.

Rule 12. It is usually better in the long run to play conservative strategies than aggressive ones.