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NATwA founded • 27 February 1966

Note: The digitization of this historical tiddlywinks publication is presently underway and is not complete.

Fred Richard Shapiro

  • Author • Fred Richard Shapiro
  • Title • Fleas (The Encyclopedia of Tiddlywinks)
  • Publication date • November 1978
  • Preparation and publication location • Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
  • Preparation • Typewritten on 8½” by 11″ paper
  • Production • Photoduplicated on 8½” by 11″ paper, double-sided
  • Number of page sides • 74 plus 3 for the NATwA address list
  • Copyright status • No copyright marking
  • Digitized • (in progress as of 29 September 2022)

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Fred Richard Shapiro

November 1978

Even in the matter of nursery games the Victorian child took things very seriously. There were some board games, however, which provided little or no intellectual stimulus. Chief among these was bagatelle,... and tiddlywinks, whose apparent inanity (to the uninitiated) is often regarded as the ultimate in useless activities.

I wink, therefore I am.

I would like to thank Bob Savitzky, who. had a lot to do with my getting into winks and who conceived of the Great White Wink; Sunshine and Rick Tucker, who did most of the work behind my statistics, and Bill Renke, who gave me some information and who remains the greatest winker of them all in several senses; Dave Lockwood, for a number of reasons; Joe Sachs, who really is the one who exemplifies “devotion to the game”; and Severin Drix, without whom…

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