North American Tiddlywinks Association

NATwA founded • 27 February 1966

The OUTS Anthem

by Marc B. A. Read
Tune: Jerusalem

And were those winks in ancient times
Yellow and red and blue and green?
And was the boondock known before
Or, like the Bristol, never seen?
We do not know, we do not care
About the history of our game
But when it comes to winks, here and now,
The OUTS puts other clubs to shame.

Bring me my squidger made of gold.
Bring me my winks from near and far.
Bring me a drink that I can hold
A pint of bitter from the bar!
I shall not cease from endless squops,
Nor miss a pot however long,
For I am of the O. U. T. S.
Renowned in poem, tale and song!