The Rules of Tiddlywinks for Tournament Play

  • The latest official rules for the game of tiddlywinks, approved by ETwA and NATwA
  • Charles Relle’s “simplified” (well, the rules are awfully complicated, aren’t they!) version of the rules
  • Earlier tournament rules from the *TwAs, The Thesis, Marchant Games, Joe Sachs, and others

Getting Into the Guinness Book of World Records

Please consult the Guinness Book of Records people before embarking upon any attempt to set or break a world record.

  • The tiddlywinks marathon (no, it’s not 26.2 miles, but still a hefty distance)
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Four-pot relay
  • Most national or world titles

Tiddlywinks Perversions… The Only Way to Have Fun!

Perversions are variations on the traditional tournament game.  Just about anything goes!

Historical Rules