North American Tiddlywinks Association

NATwA founded • 27 February 1966

  • Publisher • English Tiddlywinks Association
  • Publication name • Winking World
  • Issue number • 0
  • Publication date • October 1960
  • Editor • Peter J. Downes
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  • Bucks.: Buckinghamshire
  • Ches.: Cheshire
  • c/o: care of
  • Cong.: Congregation
  • C.: Club
  • F.: Foundation
  • Fl. Lt.: Flight Lieutenant
  • Glam.: Glamorgan, Glamorganshire
  • G.S.: Grammar School
  • H.R.H.: His Royal Highness
  • H.S.: High School
  • Lancs.: Lancashire
  • Ltd.: Limited
  • N.J.Tw.C.: Northern Junior Tiddlywinks Championship
  • R.A.F.: Royal Air Force
  • Sec.Gen.: Secretary-General
  • T.S.: Tiddlywinks Society
  • Tw.: Tiddlywinks
  • Tw.A.: Tiddlywinks Association
  • Tw.C.: Tiddlywinks Club
  • Y.C.: (unknown, possibly Young Christians’)
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Below is a first attempt to draw up a comprehensive list of all known Tiddlywinks clubs in Great Britain. As this list has been compiled from many sources, the Secretary-General of E.Tw.A. wishes to apologise for the inevitable inaccuracies and omissions, and would be glad to hear of any corrections and additions to be made.

  • The English Tiddlywinks Association. Secretary-General:— P. J. Downes, 45, Offerton Lane, Stockport, Ches. (STO. 5361)

  • The Welsh Tiddlywinks Association. Secretary-General:— J. D. Evans, 6, Beechwood Avenue, Neath, Glamorgan.

  • The Scottish Tiddlywinks Association. Secretary-General:— R. Downer, 19, Merchiston Place, Edinburgh 10.

  • ALTRINCHAM G.S. Tw.F.:—A. R. Astles, “Franken”, Moss Lane, Timperley, Altrincham, Ches.

  • ADONIS Tw.C. (ex-Cambridge and ex-Oxford winkers):—temporarily c/o Sec.-Gen E.Tw.A.

  • BOMBER COMMAND Tw.C.:—Fl. Lt. R. S. Atkinson, R.A.F., High Wycombe, Bucks.

  • BRISTOL UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—Secretary, Victoria Rooms, Bristol 8.

  • BATH ROUND TABLE Tw.C.:—R. J. Green, 8, Holcombe Vale, Bathampton, Bath, Somerset.

  • BENGER’S Tw.C.:—Secretary, Social Club, Benger’s Laboratories, Holmes Chapel, Ches.

  • BURY GRAMMAR SCHOOL Tw.C.:—Miss J. Moore, 133, Manchester Road, Rochdale, Lancs.

  • BRIGHTON STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Tw.C.:—Secretary, Richmond Terrace, Brighton 7.

  • CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—D. Wallage, Downing College, Cambridge.

  • CAPEL Tw.C.:—Miss Carol Hall, 16, Weare Street, Capel, Surrey

  • COALBROOKDALE COUNTY H.S. Tw.C.:—G. Carter, Coalbrookdale C.H.S., Ironbridge, Shropshire.

  • CARDIFF UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—Secretary, 19, Guthrie Street, Barry, Glam.

  • CHELSEA Tw.C.:—C. J. M. Cooper, Students Union, College of St. Mark and St. John, Kings Road, Chelsea, London S.W.10

  • DOVER NEW ELIZABETHANS Tw.C.:—R. Cuff, 51, Valley Road, River, Dover.

  • EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—M. F. Smith, 19, Merchiston Place, Edinburgh, 10.

  • EALING G.S. Tw.C.:—R. Bunker, Ealing G.S., The Green, Ealing, London W.5.

  • EXETER UNIVERSITY, Tw.C.:—B.J. Weller, The University, Exeter.

  • THE FLYING DISC CLUB, BIRMINGHAM:—C. Flood, 286, Robin Hood Lane, Hall Green, Birmingham. 28.

  • FINCHLRY FINCHLEY SCHOOL Tw.C.:—D. Nelson, End House, Church Crescent, Finchley, London, N.3.

  • GIPSY HILL TRAINING COLLEGE Tw.C.:—Secretary, Kenny House, Kingston Hill, Surrey.

  • GLASGOW UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—J. N. H. CAmeron Cameron, c/o Union, Glasgow University, Glasgow.

  • GRAMMAR HOUSE SCHOOL Tw.C.:—Secretary, Grammar House School, Kinver, Stourbridge.

  • HALE HOPPERS,:—Miss, J. Begg, 16, Hermitage Rood, Hale, near Altrincham, Ches.

  • HYDE COUNTY G.S. Tw.C.:—Philip Smith, “Dent”, Station Road, Marple, Ches.

  • LONDON UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—C. Hodgson, c/o Union, King’s College, Strand, London W.C.2.

  • LUTON Tw.C.:—R. Emery, Borough Treasurer’s Dept., Town Hall, Luton, Beds.

  • LOUGHBOROUGH COLLEGE, Tw.C.:—R. Clayton Jolly, “Grove”, Ashby Road, Loughborough.

  • LEEDS UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—Secretary, c/o University Union, University Road, Leeds 2.

  • MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—.W. Bugden, Hulme Kail, Victoria Park, Manchester 14.

  • MARPLE CONG. Y.C.Tw.C.:—Philip Smith, “Dent”, Station Road, Marple, Ches.

  • MOSELEY HALL G.S. Tw.C.:—The Secretary, Moseley Hall G.S., Cheadle, Ches.

  • NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY Tw.C.:—C. R. DOLOMORE, 58, Middleton Boulevard, Nottingham.

  • NORTON-RADSTOCK ROUND TABLE Tw.C.:—Secretary, “Uplands”, Lyndhurst Road, Midsomer Norton, Bath, Somerset.

  • NATIONAL COLLEGE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGY Tw.C.:—Secretary, St. George’s Avenue, Weybridge, Surrey

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  • NORTHAMPTON ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Tw.C.:—D. Eason, Northampton Engineering College, St. John’s Street, London E.C.1.

  • OXFORD UNIVERSITY T.S.:—P. Freeman, University College, Oxford.

  • ORPINGTON Tw.A.:—A. C. Housden, 129, Repton Rond, Orpington, Kent

  • OAKINGTON R.A.F. Tw.C.:—Secretary, No. 1 Officer’s Mess, Oakington, Cambs.

  • POLYTECHNIC STUDENTS Tw.C.:—K. A. Ottosson, 81, Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex.

  • FURLEY PANTHERS Tw.C.:—Secretary, “Millview”, Wetsbury, Purley, Reading, Berks.

  • PARIS TIDDLYWINKS CENTRE:—P. Taylor, Assistant d’anglais, Lycée Lakanal, Antony, (Seine)

  • QUEENSBURY CASUALS Tw.C.:—J. A. Smith, “Oakley”, Towers Road, Poynton, Ches.

  • ROSSALL SCHOOL Tw.C.:—R. Geldert, Pelican House, Rossall, Fleetwood.

  • RADCLIFFE SCHOOL Tw.C.:—Secretary, Radcliffe School, WOLVERTON, Bucks.

  • ROYAL HOLLOWAY COLLEGE Tw.C.:—Secretary, Royal Holloway Coll. Englefield, Egham, Surrey

  • ST. GABRIEL’S College Tw.C.:—J. Marley, St. Gabriels, Cormont Road, London S.E.5.

  • ST. PAUL’S CATHEDRAL CHOIR SCHOOL Tw.C .:—J. George, Choir House, Dean’s Court, E.C.4.

  • ST. SWITHINS SCHOOL Tw.C.:—Miss V. Kennedy, St. Swithen’s School Tw.C., Winchester.

  • SWANSEA UNIVERSITY Tw .C.:—A. Chick, “Gelly Deg”, Peniel Green, Llansamlet, Swansea.

  • SOUTHLANDS COLLEGE Tw.C.:—Miss S. Croft, 65, Wimbledon Parkside, Wimbledon, London S.W.19.

  • SHOREDITCH COLLEGE Tw.C.:—Secretary, Shoreditch College, Coopers Hill, Egham.

  • The SQUIDGERS OF SUSSEX,:—W. M. Steen, 140 Warren Drive, Ifield, Crawley, Sussex.

  • TWINKERS Tw.C.:—C. S. Hughes, 18, Ellaline Road, Fulham, London W.6.

  • UNIVERSITY GUILD CLUB,:—Secretary, 5, Great Charles Street, Birmingham 3.

  • WALLISCOTS Tw.C.:—P. J. Hunt, 6, Severn Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.


The E.Tw.A. affiliation fee is 3/6 for Senior clubs and 2/6 for Junior clubs (under-18). These fees will next be due in January, 1961, and it is hoped that many Tw. clubs will give their support to E.Tw.A., which has no other source of income, since all profits from events are given to charity. Winkers will be glad to know that over 800 pounds has beebeen raised through Tiddlywinks for the National Playing Fields Association. Captain R. C. Harry, 71, Eccleston Square, London S.W.1. will always be glad to receive a donation from a Tiddlywinks event, however small.


E.Tw.A. recognises the following record attempts:—

  1. Accuracy. 12 winks to be potted from 3 feet in the minimum number of shots.

    Present Record:— 25 shots. Held by P.J. Downes (Adonis)

  2. Speed. 24 small winks to be potted from 18 inches in shortest time possible.

    Present Record:— 39 secs. Held by J. K. Bardsley (Cambridge)

  3. 4-pot Relay. 12 winks are placed 15 inches from the first of a row of four pots. At the word “go”, the player on number one pot squidges the winks as fast as possible into the pot. As soon as he gets one in, player no. 2 places them 15 inches from pot 2, and squidges them for his pot. So on all the way through the four pots. The object is to get as many winks as possible through all four pots in three minutes. A second set of 12 winks can only be started when all of the first 12 are in the fourth pot.

    Present Record:— 36 winks in 3 minutes. Held by the Queensbury Casuals


The official sets of Tiddlywinks are made by:— “Marchant Games Ltd.”, Goldings Hill, Loughton, Essex.

The sets are available in English and in French.


  1. The All-England Championship Trophy presented by the Marchant Games Ltd.)

    This is at present held by the Cambridge University Tw.C. Teams wishing to challenge for this Championship should apply to the Sec-Gen of E.Tw.A., giving details of recent performances as justification of the challenge.

  2. The Inter-Varsity Championship (to be played during the season 1960/61 for a trophy to be presented by H.R.H. the Prince Philip.) This championship is open to all Universities in Great Britain; the preliminary rounds will be organised in four regions by Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Further details may be obtained from these four clubs.

  3. The Guinness Tiddlywinks Trophy—“The Bombay Bowl”. Presented by Arthur Guinness Son and Co. for annual competition between representative teams from England, Scotland and Wales. The trophy is at present held by England. Details of the 1961 competition will be announced in the New Year.

  4. Junior Championships

    1. Northern.

      The Third Annual Northern Junior Tiddlywinks Championship (for a trophy presented by the “Evening Chronicle”, Manchester, will be held in Lewis’s Exhibition Hall on January 2nd and 3rd, 1961. This is a knockout doubles tournament for winkers under-18 on January 1st. There is a 2/– entry fee (per pair) in aid of the National Playing Fields Association. Details from the Hon. Organiser, N.J.Tw.C., 45, Offerton Lane, Stockport.

    2. Southern

      A Southern Junior Tiddlywinks Championship is planned for this Christmas period and will be held in London. Final details will be available in the near future.


    3. Scotland

      A Scottish Schools’ Championship will be held in Edinburgh during the winter season. Details available shortly from the Sec-Gen of the Scottish Tiddlywinks Association.


A Tiddlywinks pamphlet entitled “The Winking World” will be published from time to time. It will include news of winking activities, results, forthcoming fixtures, names of new clubs etc. etc. etc. The Sec-Gen of E.Tw.A. would appreciate items of information from Secretaries, suitable for inclusion in the “Winking World”.