Playing Tiddlywinks

Are you ready to start playing tiddlywinks? You should start by reading the Rules of Tiddlywinks. As a beginner, don’t worry about all the details and special situations. Those can come later. Focus first on potting and squopping:

  • Potting, by [name]
  • Squopping, by [name]
  • Strategy, by

Plus check out Dave Lockwood’s  rules of thumb and forefinger—key principles to keep in mind when playing winks.

If you want to try out strange and interesting variations of tiddlywinks, which we call perversions, check out Sunshine’s epic tome on this topic.

You’ll also want to learn the lexicon of winks, as you learn how to squop and pot, boondock and piddle, and even lunch your opponent’s wink.

You might winks videos helpful, which you can find at:

You should try to link up and play with veteran winkers.  Contact us and we can try to connect you to winkers nearby.

Once you’ve become an established winker, join our Tiddlywinks email list at YahooGroups.


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